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He has popped the question. The ring is on your finger. Now comes the stressful part. You want to throw the wedding of your dreams, but you do not have all the money in the world. What do you do? Statistics shows that an average wedding costs about $20,000. Most young girls dream of the fairy tale wedding: long white gown, 8 bridesmaids, a sit-down dinner, and the band everyone dances to. Many brides have been dreaming about their wedding day since childhood. These dreams come with an expensive price tag and the realization of their fairy-tale day may be distant. Although weddings are very costly today, your dream day can happen. In this book, you will learn some tips on how to cut corners and save money without making huge sacrifices.
By taking the time to plan and investigate, you will be amazed at the amount of money that you save. Would you arrive at an interview for your dream job without prior preparation? No, you would not and that is why preparation and research will make your wedding a success without re-mortgaging the house! It is only natural to want the Cinderella fantasy wedding, complete with ice sculptures, a heavenly cake, and thousands of guests who have flown in from around the world to enjoy the accompanying dinner. It is only human to cry at the bill that this dream can rack up.
Costs can add up quickly. Factor in the meal, the liquor, the music, the dress, the flowers, the photographer, the decorations and the dream wedding can seem way out of your league. But it doesn't have to be. How can the average person have a beautiful wedding with all the bells and whistles on a working person's salary? Spending your life savings on your big day is crazy. You can have an elegant and beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. Having a cheap wedding doesn't mean giving up style or sentimentality. It means using your imagination, using your own hands or the help of friends and family.


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Anthony Ekanem
How to Throw a Dream Wedding on a Shoestring Budget
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Wedding Bells
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<p>Anthony Ekanem is a researcher and writer. His research interests span across business, finance, family, relationship, health, personal development, etc. and has written many books on these areas.</p>
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