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What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

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    What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
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    In this book, you will read about the way it is in the present-day - everything from new types of methods for early detection, to the safer and more efficient means of treatment which are available today, to the reasons why it is essential to be well-informed and to educate others! As there are many different ways in which you can become a significant part of the fight against breast cancer, there are many helpful details in this book which will show you how to do this! How You Can Help Fight Breast Cancer and Resources for You! will give you plenty of ideas on where to begin, how to begin, and how you can make the best decisions regarding what you can do and how you should proceed, based on your own abilities and circumstances! Without an undue amount of medical terminology, and without playing on emotions, this book will give you benefits that most other books will not, it is factual, and directly to the point; it is clearly written, to be clearly understood; and everything you need to know about the subject of breast cancer is condensed into this small book!

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    TítuloWhat You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
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