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With the World's Great Travellers I

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    With the World's Great Travellers I
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    This book contains multiple stories about travelling from the world's greatest travellers:

    New Dependencies of the United States (OLIVER H. G. LEIGH)
    Winter and Summer in New England (HARRIET MARTINEAU)
    Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands (CHARLES MORRIS)
    From New York to Washington in 1866 (HENRY LATHAM)
    The Natural Bridge and Tunnel of Virginia (EDWARD A. POLLARD)
    Plantation Life in War Times (WILLIAM HOWARD RUSSELL)
    Among Florida Alligators (S. C. CLARKE)
    In the Mammoth Cave (THÉRÈSE YELVERTON)
    Down the Ohio and Mississippi (THOMAS L. NICHOLS)
    From New Orleans to Red River (FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED)
    Winter on the Prairies (G. W. FEATHERSTONHAUGH)
    A Hunter's Christmas Dinner (J. S. CAMPION)
    A Colorado "Round-Up" (ALFRED TERRY BACON)
    Among the Cow-boys (LOUIS C. BRADFORD)
    Hunting the Buffalo (WASHINGTON IRVING)
    In the Country of the Sioux (MERIWETHER LEWIS)
    The Great Falls of the Missouri (WILLIAM CLARKE)
    Hunting Scenes in Canadian Woods (B. A. WATSON)
    The Grand Falls of Labrador (HENRY G. BRYANT)
    Life Among the Esquimaux (WILLIAM EDWARD PARRY)
    Fugitives from the Arctic Seas (ELISHA KENT KANE)
    Rescued from Death (W. S. SCHLEY)
    The Muir Glacier (SEPTIMA M. COLLIS)
    A Summer Trip to Alaska (JAMES A. HARRISON)
    The Fort William Henry Massacre (JONATHAN CARVER)
    The Gaucho and His Horse (THOMAS J. HUTCHINSON)
    Valparaiso and Its Vicinity (CHARLES DARWIN)
    An Escape from Captivity (BENJAMIN F. BOURNE)

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    TítuloWith the World's Great Travellers I
    AutorCharles Morris, Oliver H. G. Leigh, Harriet Martineau, Henry Latham, Edward A. Pollard, William Howard Russell, S.C. Clarke, Thérès Yelverton, Thomas L. Nichols, Frederick Law Olmsted, G. W. Featherstonhaugh, J. S. Campion, Alfred Terry Bacon, Louis C. Bradford, Washington Irving, Meriwether Lewis, William Clarke, B. A. Watson, Henry G. Bryant, William Edward Parry, Elisha Kent Kane, W. S. Schley, Septima M. Collins, James A. Harrison, Jonathan Carver, Thomas M. Hutchinson, Charles Darwin, Benjamin F. Bourne
    Año de Edición2016
    Núm. Páginas500
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