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    The E-book Zephyrus: The Intermissive Paraidentity of Waldo Vieira aims to present and analyse the evolutionary trajectory of the researcher Waldo Vieira (1932 - 2014), medical doctor, odontologist,lexicographer and proposer of the sciences conscientiology and projectiology, considering his retrolives and intermissive periods, like a brief multiexistential biography. The launching point of the analysis is the consciex known by the sobriquet Zephyrus, the designation by which Vieira has been recognized in the extraphysical dimensions since Antiquity.

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    SubtítuloThe Intermissive paraidentity of Waldo Vieira
    AutorMabel Teles
    Biografía del Autor

    Mabel Teles is a professor, a graduate in social communication, and specialist in the didactics of higher education with a master\'s degree in business administration.
    She encountered conscientiology in 1993 and, since 1994, has been a teacher and researcher, with international experience in the United States and Europe.
    Author of the book Prophylaxis against Consciential Manipulation, several articles and verbetes of the Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology, she is currently a volunteer at UNIESCON, a conscientiocentric institution constituted by authors of conscientiological works.

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