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Colombian Accounting Journal. No. 01 Vol. 1

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    Colombian Accounting Journal. No. 01 Vol. 1
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    Universidad de Medellín Public Accounting Program based on the University founding principles of science and liberty, has given the first step of what should become a publication with national representation, with a large call to scholars, entrepreneurs, accountants, and national members of the associations to publish their papers in English. At the same time, there have been contacts between teacher from Universidad de Medellín, who have attended international research events, with teacher from UNAM Mexico, CEPAL, Chile and Argentina, this situation has allowed Ibero American authors to participate with their articles in this first publication. Colombian Accounting Journal has been created with the conviction that its is necessary to consolidate accounting research renovation process in Colombia, offering to the growth academic community of the country, this space for international expression, necessary for establishing the fair value of reached scientific advances.

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    Empirical Analysis of Jumps in a Continuous Time Interest Rate Model in Mexico, from 1998 to 2006
    Jose Antonio Núñez Mora and Arturo Lorenzo Valdés

    Critical Analysis of Different Proposals Made in Mexico as an Alternative to CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
    Juan Alberto Adam Siade

    Investment Projects Contingent Evaluation
    María Luisa Saavedra Garcia

    Structural Integration between Nation and Their Institutional Limits
    Jorge Isauro Rionda Ramirez

    Accounting Consultancy Activity before the Evolution of its Demand: Empirical Study in Canabria (Spain).
    Maria Mercedes Carro and Gemma Hernando Moliner

    Abrogation of the List of Accounts for Traders: Alternatives ofr Colombian Accounting Reform, Facing the Globalization Challenge.
    Stella Saba López

    Organization and Social Responsibility Imaginary Concepts
    Elkin Horacio Quirós Lizarazo and Hernán Carlos Bustamante García


    La educación contable: una fuga hacia la incertidumbre “de la tranquilidad a las ignorancias sacudidas”.
    Guillermo León Martínez Pino

    (This article was published in Spanish. If interested in consulting it, please refer to page No. 271 of Colombian Accounting Journal, Spanish Version)

    Book Reviews

    From End – of – Chapter Workshops to Problem – Based Learning
    Luis Fernando Agudelo Henao and Alina Marcela Bustamante Salazar

    Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statements
    Gladis Cecilia Villegas Arias
    Año de Edición2007
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    TítuloColombian Accounting Journal. No. 01 Vol. 1

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