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Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal. Number 09


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Colombian Applied Linguistics Journal. Number 09
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In this issue you will find a number of twelve articles distributed in three sections as follows: Research reports, seven articles; theoretical discussion papers, three articles; and pedagogical projects.Para mayor información, por favor consulte la tabla de contenidoPara mayor información, por favor consulte la tabla de contenido

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TítuloColombian Applied Linguistics Journal. Number 09
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Tabla de ContenidoEditorial

Research articles

Exploring Children’s Cultural Perceptions through Tasks Based on Films in an after School Program
Claudia Patricia Mojica

(I) Literate identities in Adult Basic Education: A case study of a Latino Woman in an ESOL and Computer Literacy Class
Juan Pablo Jimenez

Examining reading Comprehension through the use of Continuous Texts and Hypertexts.
Carla Vianni Coscarelli

Intertextuality as Resource for Building ELLs Generic Competence: A Systematic Functional Linguistic Wiew
Joshua Schulze and J. Andres Ramirez

EFL Chinese Students and High Stakes Expository Writing: A Theme Analysis
Qian Yang, J. Andres Ramirez and Ruth Margaret Harman

A Study of the English Teaching Practice at a Language Institute
Julia Zoraida Posada Ortiz and Luceli Patiño Garzón

Broadening minds: Exploring Intercultural Understanding in Adult EFL learners
Ferney Cruz Arcila

Theoretical discussion papers

Implications of Multimodal Learning Models for Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Miguel Farías, Katica Obilinovic and Roxana Orrego

Inquiring into Culture in our Foreign Language Classrooms
Damaris Castro Garcia

Applications of Vygotskian Concept of Mediation in Second Language Acquisition
Carmen Helena Guerrero

Pedagogical Projects

Self Assessment Practices: an Empowering Tool in the Learning Process of EFL
Edgar Orlando Rodriguez Ochoa

Literature circles: a door to students’ life experiences in the classroom
Consuelo del Pilar López

Theses Abstracts

Guidelines for contributors
Año de Edición2007
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