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Conversation in action. Let's talk

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    Conversation in action. Let's talk
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    Conversation In Action is of invaluable help to all teachers of English. Its aim is to equip the pupil with the ability to take an active part in conversation classes, providing new ideas and topics to generate interest and encourage students to practise and develop these important language skills. Conversation in Action contains 50 different topics of conversation with corresponding questions, diagrams and texts accompanied by a glossary. Conversation In Action also provides a fresh and practical approach to making conversation classes more lively and entertaining for both pupil and teacher. 

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    TítuloConversation in action. Let's talk
    Casa EditorialApóstrofe
    AutorEdward R. Rosset
    Tabla de Contenido
    1. Family
    2. Games and sports 
    3. Married life or Living together
    4. Holidays/Vacations 
    5. Shopping 
    6. At school 
    7. Films 
    8. Housekeeping
    9. Jobs 
    10. Military Service 
    11. Television
    12 . Christmas
    13. Driving
    14. Travelling 
    15. Learning a foreign language 
    16. In a restaurant 
    17. Success in life 
    18. Hotels
    19. At the bank 
    20. Pubs 
    21. At the Doctor's 
    22. At the hospital
    23. Natural Medicine
    24. Occultism 
    25. Hypnotism-Telepathy 
    26. Collecting things 
    27. At the dentist
    28. At the hairdresser's 
    29. At the zoo 
    30. At the beach
    31. Tourism 
    32. Being a king 
    33. Politics 
    34. Religions 
    35. Popular festivals 
    36. Party time 
    37. A department store
    38. Studying or working 
    39. Having a baby 
    40. Cruising 
    41. A desert Island
    42. Reading 
    43. Professions 
    44. Actors 
    45. Football
    46. Policemen 
    47. A street market
    48.  Writing 
    49. Painting 
    50. Sailing 
    Año de Edición1997
    Núm. Páginas102
    Peso (Físico)230
    Tamaño (Físico)16.5 x 23 cm

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