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    Dubliners is a collection of short stories written by Irish author James yoice (1882-1941) and published in 1914.Dubliners was conceived during do very complex time for Ireland and Irish nationalism,when the British Empire and the Catholic Church completely dominated the fate of the country. 

    Joyce used these 15 stories to stage a sort of moral chapter of Ireland's history as a way of proposing change, by subverting the stagnation of his countrymen.He saw Dublin as the epicentre of the paralysis and chose to set all the stories in that city,even though he had not lived there several years. 

    Critics were not so kind to Dubliners upon publication,but time gave anorher opportunity ro this collection of short stories.Especially after the rame and impact that joyce achieved with his magnum opus,Ulysses (1922).
    Today rhis collection remains an important part of Joyce's legacy,a unique erploration of style and form amongst his novels,and an immortal slice of the of Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. 

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    Casa EditorialPlutón Ediciones
    AutorJames Joyce
    Año de Edición2016
    Núm. Páginas192
    Peso (Físico)160
    Tamaño (Físico)14 x 20 cm
    Acabado (Físico)Tapa Rústica

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