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Epigrams of Oscar Wilde

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    Epigrams of Oscar Wilde
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    There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about, said the author more than a hundred years ago. But this remark seems perhaps even more relevant to our present world where so many seek publicity at any cost. Wilde's well-turned phrases and spontaneous insults still cause much amusement and admiration. Most of us miss the opportunities for bon most, finding them long after the moments have passed, but the author seems never to have been short of suitable words - flattering, witty and on occasions savagely cruel. Many of the quotes in this book are taken from Wilde's plays, novels and essays which were also packed with witticisms amounting to an outrageous philosophy. Wilde's extravagance and unconventional behaviour earned him loyal friends but also bitter enemies and in 1895 after a series of unfortunate events and court cases he was gaoled for two years with hard labor for indecent behaviour. Though from prison ca me a few last brilliant works, Wilde was never to recover his health or standing in society. He died in Paris bankrupt, broken and alone. He is buried at Cimetière du Pere Lachaise - one of Paris's finest cemeteries - where today many pilgrims from all parts of the world come to pay their respects and leave tokens in recognition of his genius. Nota: el contenido de este libro se encuentra en inglés. Nota: el contenido de este libro se encuentra en inglés.

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    Casa EditorialWordsworth Editions Ltd
    AutorOscar Wilde
    Tabla de Contenido1. All Men Are Monsters
    2. The Very Gold of Their Lives
    3. That Dreadful Universal Thing
    4. The One Thing Death Cannot Harm
    5. A Mauvais Quart d'Heure
    6. More in One Single Hour
    7. A Sense of Sorrows
    8. Some Extraordinary Mistake in Nature
    9. As Demoralising as Cigarettes
    10. The Sacrament of Life
    11. Heaven in Its Infinite Mercy
    12. The Shallow Mask of Manners
    13. Always in a Rage
    14. Something in Their Climate
    15. That Dreadful Vulgar Place
    16. The Criminal Calendar
    17. A Kind of Ostentatious Obscurity
    18. The Mischievous Idea of Government
    19. The First Serious Step in Life
    20. The Only Proper Intoxication
    21. One of the Necessary Elements
    22. Never Any Use to Oneself
    23. An Occupation of Some Kind
    24. The Only Immortality I Desire
    25. The Flight into Nothingness
    26. An Essential Element of Progress
    27. The Shrill Clamour of Criticism
    28. Others Might Pick Them Up
    29. A Son of Aggravated Form of the Public
    30. The Primary Duty of Life
    31. What Else is there to live For?
    32. Infinitely Precious Things
    33. Blankets and Coal
    34. Not at AII a Bad Beginning
    35. The Cheap Severity of Abstract Ethics
    36. AII the Surprise ofCandour
    37. The One Duty We Owe to History
    38. Simply a Tragedy
    39. Tears of Blood
    40. Enough for One Man’s Life
    41. The Most Unhealthy Thing in the World
    42. The Evil Remains
    43. I Have Sometimes Played Dominoes
    44. The Mystery of Moods
    45. The Question of Return Tickets
    46. So That Nothing May Be Lost
    47. Made for Something Better
    48. A Lie on the Lips of One's Own Life
    49. Extraordinary Sensations
    50. One Can’t Keep Going Abroad
    51. This Loath some Place
    52. The Gate of Dullness
    Año de Edición2007
    Núm. Páginas240
    Peso (Físico)180
    Tamaño (Físico)12.7 x 19.7 cm
    TítuloEpigrams of Oscar Wilde

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