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First dictionary

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    First dictionary
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    The Scholastic First Dictionary makes a wonderful first reference tool for any young reader. Written by one of the foremost authorities of dictionaries for children, it has been carefully designed to reflect the vocabulary and interests of early elementary school children. This book will enable children to learn basic dictionary skills that they will need throughout their lives. This book contains over 1,500 carefully chosen headwords designed to help build on the vocabulary of young children plus 600 full-color photographs to help illustrate their meanings. Each entry includes a simple phonetic pronunciation guide and easy-to-understand definitions, as well as alternate forms for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The illustrative example sentences are clearly written and help show children what words mean and how they should be used. The Scholastic First Dictionary makes a perfect and unique gift that will encourage any young child to learn and continually expand his or her vocabulary. This reference book is a part of any childs first steps toward success in school and beyond. It should be a part of every familys library. The Scholastic First Dictionary is the best language reference tool offering all of these outstanding features: Bright, attractive, easy-to-read design, Contains definitions of over 1,500 headwords, Illustrated throughout with 600 full-color photographs, Phonetic pronunciation guide for each headword, Features guide words at the top of each page, Up-to-date terminology, Age-appropriate language children will understand and Written by one of the foremost authorities of dictionaries for children.Nota: contiene imágenes a color. Impreso en papel esmaltado.Nota: contiene imágenes a color. Impreso en papel esmaltado.

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    TítuloFirst dictionary
    Casa EditorialApóstrofe
    AutorJudith S. Levey
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    Using Your Dictionary 
    Pronouncing Words 

    Dictionary A to Z 

    How New Words Are Created 
    Forming Plurals 
    Words That Sound Alike 
    How Words Work in Sentences 
    Index of Picture Labels 

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    Año de Edición1998
    Núm. Páginas224
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    Tamaño (Físico)20.8 x 26.2 cm

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