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Fostering Listening Skills and Initial Intercultural Communicative Competence in EFL Pre-Service Teachers Through the Use of ICT

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    Fostering Listening Skills and Initial Intercultural Communicative Competence in EFL Pre-Service Teachers Through the Use of ICT
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    The increasingly interconnected and knowledge-driven 21st century world calls for groundbreaking changes in language teaching and learning.To convey this objective, the authors of this book cogently fuse key elements within a sound pedagogical proposal that has been carefully designed to demystify the study of intercultural competence in its traditional settings.Not only does their study fine-tune strategies for the development of critical cultural awareness,but it also unveils paths to authentic interaction,critical thinking,and cooperative,collaborative,and self-regulated learning experiences that evolve in an adaptive learner-centered setting.The scenario chosen to expand students communicative boundaries is a hypermedia learning environment that invites learners to travel throughout the United States with a dual focus in mind:the development of listening skills and intercultural competence,as well as nurturing a pluralistic view of the learning of English mediated through the use oftechnologies. 

    Additionally,the study strives to provide groundwork to less restrictive approaches for the inclusion of effective computer-assisted language learning in the classroom,demonstrating that an interdisciplinary integration of agents and knowledge for efficient design and practice is possible.A unique aspect ofthis book is that it illustrates a myriad of features underpinning the design ofthe hypertext,which was entirely created and validated by the authors. 

    AII in all,this qualitative case study encompasses a wide range of strategic learning stances in the EFL classroom,and acts in response to the needs of learners (and instructors) seeking a critical and analytical process of understanding and examining culture.I suggest that this book be used as a reference for language and interdisciplinary courses,as well as professional development programs that combine studies of language skills development and culture. 

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    Table of Contents 


    CHAPTER 1 
    Problem and Context
    Statement of the Problem
    Research Questions
    Context and Participants
    Expected Impact  

    CHAPTER 2 
    Theoretical Perspectives and State of the Art
    Theoretical Perspectives  
    Listening Comprehension in EFL
    The Use ofHypermedia in Language Learning
    Cooperative and Collaborative Learning
    Notions of Culture  
    Intercultural Communicative Competence  
    Learning Autonomy
    Learning Strategies  
    State of the Art  
    Research on Culture and Technology
    Research on Fostering Listening in EFL Education  
    CHAPTER 3 
    Design and Implementation of the Hypermedia Proposal 
    A [ourney Through the US Culture  
    Conceptual Design  
    Graphic Design  
    The Listening Design  
    The Intercultural Design  

    CHAPTER 4 
    Research Design and Data Analysis Procedure  
    Research Methodology:A Qualitative Case Study
    Instruments for Data Collection  
    Data Analysis Procedures  

    CHAPTER 5 
    Research findings
    Findings for the First Research Question  
    First Category:The Graphic and Methodological Design of the Hypertext Generates 
    Motivation and Facilitates Listening Comprehension of Cultural Content
    Second Category:The Methodological Design Fosters the Development of Intercultural Competence  
    Third Category:The Hypermedia Learning Environment Fosters the Consolidation of Linguistic Knowledge,the Integration ofLanguage Skills,and the Awareness of Teaching Strategies  
    Fourth Category:The Hypermedia Learning Environment Promotes 
    Cooperative and Collaborative Learning  
    Findings for the Second Research Question  
    First Category:Learners are Aware ofTask Demands  
    Second Category:Learners Use Strategic Knowledge About Themselves 
    to Regulate the Learning Process  
    Third Category:Learners are Aware that Dialog,Interaction,and [oint Work Enhance Iheir Learning  
    CHAPTER 6 
    Conclusions,Pedagogical Implications,Limitations,and Further Research
    Pedagogical Implications  
    Further Research  
    Appendix A  
    Appendix B  
    Appendix C  
    Author Index  
    Subject Index  
    List ofFigures 
    Figure 1. Screen to Log In  
    Figure 2. Menu ofThematic Maps  
    Figure 3. Sample of Menu Button to Listen to the Audios  
    Figure 4. Map of the Cultural Regions of the U nited States  
    Figure 5. BriefDescription of a Cultural Region  
    Figure 6. Sample of Images of Cultural Facts About Alaska  
    Figure 7. Sample of a Navigation Bar Within Each Region  
    Figure 8. Example of the Links to the Audios in Each Region  
    Figure 9. Sample ofthe Access to Audios and Listening Tasks  
    Figure 10. Sample of Instructions for the Listening Test 
    Figure 11. Sample of "Soundtrack Control" Button  
    Figure 12. Sample ofVisual Material Incorporated in the Hypermedia Environment
    Figure 13. Sample ofReflection Questions About Cultural Content  
    Figure 14. Sample of the Users' Technical File
    Figure 15. Sample of a Semantic Map (Ohio)  

    List of Tables 
    Table 1. Examples ofOperations and Tasks Performed by Students  
    Table 2. Students Perceptions of the Methodological Proposal Developed in A lourney Through the us Culture  
    Table 3. Learners Strategies Used to Solve Listening Tasks  

    AutorLuz Dary Arias Soto,Luis Fernando Gómez Rodríguez,Esperanza Vera Rodríguez
    TítuloFostering Listening Skills and Initial Intercultural Communicative Competence in EFL Pre-Service Teachers Through the Use of ICT

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