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Great Britain in poetry. A brief anthology

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    Great Britain in poetry. A brief anthology
    The main poetry exponents of the British literature are selected in this anthology allowing the reader to appreciate valuable selective material form the times of the twentieth century. Chronological and historical events are included within the biographical references of the main authors, showing the reader a continuous development of diverse English artistic expressions and new literary perspectives.

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    TítuloGreat Britain in poetry. A brief anthology
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    The wife of usher’s well
    The three ravens

    Queen Elizabeth I

    When I was fair and young
    The Doubt of future foes
    On monsieur’s departure

    Edmund Spenser

    Sonnet 30
    Sonnet 70
    Sonnet 75

    William Shakespeare

    Blow, blow, thou winter wind
    Sonnet 18
    Sonnet 29
    Sonnet 35
    Sonnet 60
    Sonnet 71
    Sonnet 116
    Sonnet 130
    To be, or not to be
    How sweet the moonlight
    Tomorrow and tomorrow
    The seven ages of man

    John Donne

    The good-morrow

    Robert Herrick

    To the virgins, to make much of time
    Upon Julia’s clothes
    Delight in disorder

    Andrew Marvell

    To his coy mistress
    A dialogue between the soul and Body
    The definition of love

    William Blake

    Introduction: reeds of innocence
    The echoing green
    The lamb
    The little black boy
    Infant Joy
    Earth’s answer
    The tyger
    Infant sorrow
    To the muses

    William Wordsworth

    She was a phantom of delight
    My hearth leaps up
    Composed upon Westminster Bridge
    The world is too much with us
    She dwelt among the unknown men
    We are seven
    It is a beauteous evening
    On the extinction of the Venetian republic, 1802
    In London, September 1802

    George Gordon, Lord Byron

    So, we’ll go no more a-roving
    She walks in beauty
    When we two parted
    Stanzas for music
    There be none of beauty’s daughters
    They say that hope is happiness
    The isles of Greece

    Percy B. Shelley

    A song: “men of England”
    One word is too often profaned
    The Indian serenade
    To- (music, when soft voices die)
    England in 1819
    The flower that smiles today
    Summer and winter

    John Keats

    On first looking into Chapman’s homer
    On the grasshopper and the cricket
    When I have fears that I may cease to be
    On seeing the Elgin marbles
    To one who has been long in city pent
    La belle dame sans Merci: a ballad!

    Elizabeth Barret Browning

    Sonnet 14
    Sonnet 21
    Sonnet 22
    To George sand. A.Recognition

    Robert Browning

    Parting at morning
    Pippa’s song
    Home – Thoughts, from the sea

    Mathew Arnold

    Dover beach
    To a friend
    Growing old

    Lord Alfred Tennyson

    The kraken
    Now sleeps the crimson petal
    O that it were possible
    Tears, idle tears

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    The woodspurge
    The choice, III

    Christina Rossetti

    After death
    A birthday
    A life’s parallels
    Sleeping at last

    Gerald Manley Hopkins

    The Windhover: to Christ our lord
    The starlight night
    Spring and fall: to a young child

    Algernon Charles Swinburne

    A leave-taking
    Cor cordium

    Thomas Hardy

    Nobody comes
    Cahnnel firing
    The man he killed
    New Year’s Eve
    I look into my glass
    Drummer Hodge
    He never expected much
    A consideration
    (A reflection) on my eighty-sixth Birthday

    William Butler Yeats

    The second coming
    The lake isle of Innisfree
    Never give all the hearth
    The Gyres
    Down by the Salley Gardens
    An Irish airman foresees his death

    Alfred E. Housman

    To an athlete dying young
    Soldiers form the wars returning
    When I was one-and-twenty
    Wake not for the world-heard thunder
    They say my verse is sad: no wonder
    Epitaph on an army of mercenaries

    Dylan Thomas

    And death shall have no dominion
    Poem in October
    When all my five and country senses see
    Twenty-four years
    Do not go gentle into that good night
    “This bread I break was once the oat”
    Vision and prayer
    A refusal to mourn the death by fire of a child in London

    Walter de la Mare

    The listeners
    The ghost
    The stranger
    The keys of morning

    Edith Sitwell

    Four in the morning
    Street song

    Thomas Stearns Eliot

    The waste Land
    I. The burial of the dead
    II. A game of chest
    III. The fire sermon
    IV. Death by water
    V. What the thunder said

    Robert Graves

    The second-fated
    The blue-fly
    Recalling war
    Sick love
    The devil’s advice to story-tellers
    A plea to boys and girls

    Siegfried Sassoon

    Suicide in the trenches
    Does it matter?
    To his dead body

    Stevie Smith

    Alone in the woods
    Away, melancholy
    Not waving but Drowning
    My muse
    Our Bog is dood


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