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Hidden Influence

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    Hidden Influence
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    Hidden Influence: Unveiling the Truth is a spellbinding novel about a young woman with visions that come true. Nineteen-year-old Mel Jones, a conservative psychology student, is curious when a man’s face appears before her in a vision. What she doesn’t know is that the man is a detective named Chris, who will soon become important in her life. Divorced and fifteen years her senior, Chris takes on a case that Mel brings him, and then he falls for her charms. Chris is one of the very few who believes in Mel, as her subsequent visions lead to a group of teenagers who are planning bizarre acts of rebellion. Animosity develops between group members when one of the boys discovers that his friend’s girlfriend has been cheating on him. The teens panic and lives are lost in their desperation. Mel wonders why she was given the gift of sight if the deaths couldn’t be stopped, until she learns the background of one of the teens. More of Mel’s Hidden Influence is revealed as the story reaches its stunning conclusion.

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    TítuloHidden Influence
    AutorM. C. Holman
    Año de Edición2014
    Núm. Páginas205
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