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My Pet, Spanking Erotica

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    My Pet, Spanking Erotica
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    Lillian Gaines unorthodox desire to be completely owned by a man, existing for his pleasure only, leads her to the popular club, Fantasy. While watching an auction of women living out their own sexual fantasies, she spots the clubs owner, Brock, from across the room, and becomes lost in his dark depths. Brock is just as fascinated by the lovely redhead, and for the next two months watches her from afar, until he can no longer resist the strong attraction. However, after encouraging her to fill out an application to have her own fantasy fulfilled, hes surprised to discover that she wants to give him everything he has ever desired from a woman. Her sole desire is to be his possession and live her life to please him. Hes torn, worried about where this might lead. When he buys her at her slave auction, its with the expectation that shell back out of the month long contract in a day or twoespecially after the humiliating way he plans to feed her his cock and punish her before an audience. However, that experience only confirms Lillians fierce desire for him. Once Brock takes her home, she becomes his slave, and his brusque and demanding treatment continues. Even when he fucks her with no regard to her pleasure, she has no intention of leaving. More bondage, spanking and raunchy public exhibitions follow. He gives her to other men and still she does not balk. In fact, her need to see Brock happy and be the receptacle for his pleasure grows with every new demand. Although Brock desires her deeply, he continues to push her away, certain that a relationship based on such total submission cannot last, all the while he hopes with all his lust, need and love that it will.

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    TítuloMy Pet, Spanking Erotica
    AutorBJ Wane
    Año de Edición2013
    Núm. Páginas92
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