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The Filly

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    The Filly
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    "Morgan enjoyed her glory days as a high school track star, until her brother's illness forced her to quit school and take a job as a barmaid. Her dreams seem to be over, but a mysterious stranger offers her a fortune to race for him. However, he's not interested in a typical track and field competition. He intends to have her trained and groomed as a ponygirl. First she must spend a month in preparation at his ranch, where a lesbian cowgirl and her team of handlers use bondage, corporeal punishment, and sexual seduction to train pony girls for competition. A cold and impersonal doctor, an imperious cowgirl trainer and a stiff punishment await her on the first day! The hard treatment she'll suffer is only bound to get worse. From the very start, it appears the feisty Morgan is not about to have an easy ride at the Bar-S Ranch. While Morgan believes she understands the risks involved, and is willing to continue for the money she'll earn, there are powerful conflicts brewing at the ranch: greed, envy, deception, and betrayal. She will be betting her future and freedom on the outcome of her first race. A tale of male and female domination of submissive females. ""The cowgirl outfit should have tipped her off right away, Morgan realized, but it was too dusty and worn to be mere costume. This cowgirl wasn't assuming a role just to play the butch. The hand between Morgan's legs was knowing and skilled in the art of pleasure, but it was a hand callused from the real work of ranching and familiar with the ways of rope and leather. Just looking at her, Morgan sensed that this cowgirl could ride hard, lasso a maverick, or gentle a fractious mount. Morgan knew without having seen it that there would be a bullwhip hanging beside the cowgirl's bunk."" "

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    TítuloThe Filly
    AutorPaul Moore
    Año de Edición2013
    Núm. Páginas89
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