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Twelve Steps To Hell

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    Twelve Steps To Hell
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    How far would you go to get the woman of your dreams? Could you stand a year of hell in order to marry a Goddess? Dale Daley, a recovering alcoholic, meets the woman of his dreams at his AA meetings hes been ordered to attend. The astounding beautys name is Kimiko Katsumi, and she is far out of Dales league. Gathering up courage, he approaches her after one of the meetings that she heads, hoping to ask her out on a date. Dale is immediately rewarded for his audaciousness when Miss Katsumi agrees to go to a local bar for non-alcoholic drinks and conversation. He never thought an innocuous meeting would change his life so drastically. During their date, Mistress Kimiko informs Dale that she has been desperately looking for a man that can complete her rather difficult twelve step course to becoming her husband. Each step takes a month, and not one man has been able to finish out the year. Dale cannot believe his luck. All of his fantasies hes had about this woman may actually come true! The next day, Dale arrives promptly at her estate and is greeted by the formidable Aiko. The short, stunning Asian woman works for Mistress Kimiko, and is thoroughly disgusted by Dale. Aiko is ordered to masturbate Dale, then lick his cock and the floor clean, furthering her hatred of him. Once cleaned, he is fitted with a chastity device and informed he is no longer in charge of his sexual needs. Dale must, at all times, think ONLY of Mistress Kimiko and her needs. The steps start out relatively simple, but Dale soon learns that his dreams and fantasies are not to come true at all

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    TítuloTwelve Steps To Hell
    AutorLance Edwards
    Año de Edición2013
    Núm. Páginas154
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