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Myths, stories and legends


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Myths, stories and legends
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Every origin has a beginning and the beginning of everything is the origin, the birth, the creation, the evolution. How interesting it is to know today how it was thousands and thousands of years ago when people from all over were born from what water, from what earth, from what God of gods, from what plant, from what animal, according to verbal narrations, myths, stories and legends.

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AutorPío Fernando Gaona P. (Selection)
Tabla de ContenidoAsia and Oceania

The Trimurti (India)
The orderer of the worl (China)
The creation of the world ( Japan)


The myth of Osiris


The origin of the things is in chaos (Greece)


Popol Vuh (Guatemala – Maya)
The creation of the world (Aztec)
Creators of the world, heroes and scoundrels (Peru – Inca)
The creation (Colombia – Muisca)
Origin of the Indians (Colombia – Vaupes)
The Creation (Colombia – Cogui)
The Tikunas populate the esarth (Colombia – Tokunas)
Año de Edición1998
Núm. Páginas102
Peso (Físico)130
Tamaño (Físico)13 x 19.5 cm
TítuloMyths, stories and legends

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