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Progressive writing. An easy approach to composition


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Progressive writing. An easy approach to composition
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Sometimes practice in writing sentences may seem tedious and rather artificial. After all, people rarely write pieces of communication that consist of a single sentence! But the method may not seem so strange if you have had the opportunity to learn a skill already. Do you play a musical instrument, participate regularly in a sport, sew frequently, fix car engines Would you give the learner a number of difficult pieces and have him practice them all at once Probably not. Most likely, you´d teach the person basic, easy-to-learn skills and concepts and have him practice these first. Anyone who has taken guitar, piano, flute, or trumpet lessons remembers the scales. Practice in writing sentences, then, is a way of becoming fluent at handling the basic units that are necessary for any piece of writing. The first step in becoming a skilled writer is to learn to writer good sentences ()Hart, Kathleen A. and Heim Alice C)

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TítuloProgressive writing. An easy approach to composition
AutorJesús Salvador Sichacá Barahona
Tabla de ContenidoPreface

Chapter one

General considerations
What is writing?
Are there different kinds of writing?
What are the main difficulties in writing?
Why learn to write?
What practical hints can be given
To writing properly?

Chapter two

What is a sentence?
How many kinds of sentences are there?
Exercise I

Chapter three

Sentence variety and sentence length
What is sentence variety?
Exercise 2

Chapter four

Fluctuation marks and mechanics
What are the common punctuation marks, mechanics and techniques used in writing?
End punctuation marks

Chapter five

Common errors in writing
What are some of the most common errors an inexperienced writer would make?
Sentence structure

Chapter six

Informal writing
What is informal writing?
Are there any special characteristics for informal writing?

Chapter seven

Formal writing
What is formal writing?

Chapter eight

Introduction to essays
What is an essay?
What are the most common patterns of essays?
What are the parts of a formal essay?

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