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Researching the Contemporary City. Identity, environment and social inclusion in developing urban areas

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    Researching the Contemporary City. Identity, environment and social inclusion in developing urban areas
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    A dozen people sit around a circular table against a large multi-coloured illuminated panel of the dramatic Hong Kong skyline. The group interact in a lively and animated way as they share many dishes of Chinese food and cups of green tea. Whyare they here What brings them together Although an apparendy diverse group with multiple nationalities, languages, religions and even disciplines, they have one thing in common-they are all PhD students in my research group at the School of Architecture Planning and Landscape at Newcasde University. After our intensive group seminars at the Universiry, where we would debate, discuss and critique each other's research proposals, presentations, recent chapters and conference drafts, we would come ro the Happiness Inn ro continue the discussions and share stories, jokes, and food. 

    Sharing food and eating together is one of the oldest and most fundamental aspects of being human, as shared meals not only help to create and reinforce a sense of group identity, but are also a key way in which we celebrate our humanity and make tangible our shared values and common endeavours. Interlinked with this social role, they transmit values and information, and are a perfect platform for the development of ideas, debate, argue and celebrate the mundane as well as the special-a recent viva success, a paper acceptance or good news from home.  

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    AutorPeter Kellett, Jaime Hernández - García
    ColecciónColección estética contemporánea
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    Preface: In Happiness Inn 

    Introduction: Researching the Contemporary City 
    Peter Kellett and Jaime Hernández-García 

    The Creation and Representation of the Urban 

    Cairo: A Deconstruction Reading of Space 
    Mona Abdelwahab 

    Transforming the Desert into a Liveable Place: The Egyptian Experience 
    Tamer Abdelfattah Ahmed 

    Negotiating Disabling Environments: A Collective Movement in Bangkok 
    Antika Sawadsri 

    The Production and Transformation of the Informal 

    Technology and Participation: Geo-information Tools in Setdement Upgrading 
    Musyimi Mbatbi 

    Status, Capital and Identiry: From Informal to Formal Housing in Bangkok 
    Rittirong Chutapruttikorn 

    The Construction and Appropriation of Public Spaces People Shaping Public Spaces

    Popular Urban Design Processes in Mexico 
    Mauricio Hernández- Bonilla 

    The Production ofInformal Urban Space: The Barrios of Bogota 
    Jaime Hernández-Garcia 

    Converging Heritage Approaches in Historie Centres: 1he Danzón and the Zócalo of Veracruz, Mexieo 
    Brenda Galván-López 

    The Transformation, Use and Meaning of Home 

    About Domestie Architecture: From Rural to Urban in Indonesia 
    Muhammad Faqih 

    Space as Capital: Household Adaptation Strategies in Home-Based Enterprises in Indonesia 
    Agam Marsoyo 

    Horne- Based Livelihoods and Housing Poliey: Urban Inforrnaliry in India and Indonesia 
    Peter Kellett 

    Año de Edición2013
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    TítuloResearching the Contemporary City. Identity, environment and social inclusion in developing urban areas

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