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Starters teacher's book: Activity packs four young learners

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    Starters teacher's book: Activity packs four young learners
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    Topic-based material, which revolves around the language syllabus, topics, vocabulary and activity types of the UCLES Cambridge Young Learners English Tests. Ideal preparation for pupils taking the Young Learners Tests, but also effective and stimulating practice material for any child learning English at this age. Can be used as a core of a course to which other material is added, or as supplementary material to any primary course at this level. Activities follow a graded syllabus but each one is free-standing and can be used in any order the teacher prefers. The material now published as Activity Packs for Young Learners was originally produced by Homerton College. Homerton College is part of Cambridge University's Faculty of Education and specialises in the training of teachers. Homerton has considerable experience in working with young children and their teachers, and collaborated with UCLES in devising the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests.  

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    TítuloStarters teacher's book: Activity packs four young learners
    Casa EditorialApóstrofe
    AutorAndreá Harries
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    Map of the book 

    Activity pages 

    Practice Test 

    Reading and Writing I 
    Reading and Writing 2 
    Reading and Writing 3 
    Reading and Writing 4
    Listening Part I 
    Listening Part 2 
    Listening Part 3 
    Listening Part 4 

    Answers to Practice Test 

    Practice Test 

    Appendix A
    About the STARTERS test 

    Appendix B
    Thematic Word List 
    Alphabetical Word list
    Año de Edición1998
    Núm. Páginas80
    Peso (Físico)220
    Tamaño (Físico)21.2 x 29.6 cm

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