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Tales of the Jazz age

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    Tales of the Jazz age
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    F.Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) was an American writer and one of me most important voices of American literature in the 20th century.He is mainly known for his novels, the most famous among them being Tbe Great Gatsby (1925),but he also wrote several notable short stories.

    Due to his social circle and his literary themes and style, Fitzgerald is considered a member of the "Lost Generation",a group of young . 

    Titers that carne of age during World War.

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    TítuloTales of the Jazz age
    Casa EditorialPlutón Ediciones
    AutorF. Scott Fitzgerald
    Año de Edición2016
    Núm. Páginas286
    Peso (Físico)250
    Tamaño (Físico)14 x 20 cm
    Acabado (Físico)Tapa Rústica

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