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Talking business in class. Speaking activities for professional students

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    Talking business in class. Speaking activities for professional students
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    Talking Business in Class provides teachers with a wealth of activities and suggestions for student-centred conversation classes. It is designed for use with students who: need conversation as part of an ESP course, want to talk about their occupations and work-related issues, want general conversation practice to supplement their professional conversation skills.Professionals learning English want to talk. They need to be able to talk about various aspects of their jobs and vocational backgrounds. Perhaps they also have to socialise with other non¬-native speakers of English. They therefore need a free stage in their language classes when genuine communication, as opposed to formal coursebook-style practice, begins to take place. Talking Business in Class provides the material for this free stage. The speaking activities in the book set up informal yet focused exchanges between students, bridging the gap between the classroom and the outside world with topics which are real, relevant and appealing to students' interests. There are more than 50 stimulating activities in the book, divided into the following sections: The World of Work Me and My Job Bridging the Gap, The Business of Thinking Presentations. 

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    TítuloTalking business in class. Speaking activities for professional students
    Casa EditorialApóstrofe
    AutorChris Sion
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    Section 1

    Learner Training A: Beyond the classroom 
    Active English Checklist  

    Section 2
    The World of Work 

    Where Will It End? 
    Business Trip Negotiation 
    Shoulder to the Wheel 
    Service with a Smile 
    Joyce and Ingrid 
    AEAs: Abbreviations, Emoticons and Acronyms 
    Creative Combinations 
    It Takes Two
    Learner Training B: Learning Improvement 
    Date with a Dictionary 
    Learning sequences  

    Section 3
    Me and My Job 

    Working Diagrams 
    The Heart of the 
    Matter My Work and I
    Career Choices 
    Talking Shop 
    You and Your Image 
    What l'd Really Like to know is
    Job Analysis 
    Muddling through Meetings 
    Developing Small Talk
    Learner Training C: Creative Revision 1
    Remember to forget to Remember 
    Memory Aids 

    Section 4
    Bridging the Cap 

    My Territory 
    My Type of Word Processing 
    The Thief of Time 
    Points in Time 
    And Now for Something Completely Different 
    The Printed Word 
    Now That's What I Call Good Service! 
    Price Consciousness 
    Happy End
    Learner Training D: Creative Revision 2
    Marketing Vocabulary 
    Football Fantasy 

    Section 5
    The Business of Thinking 

    A Little Logic 
    Do You Believe in Ghosts? 
    Silence is Golden 
    Some of My Best Friends Are Extraterrestrials 
    What a Piece of Work! 
    Quotable Quotes 
    Mind Your Own Business! 
    Talking about Time 
    Learners Training E: Learning, Language and Identify
    Split Personality
    Personality Awareness

    Section 6

    No Need to Be Nervous 
    Effective Presentations 
    Be Prepared 
    Portrait of the Group 
    Reporting Back 
    Magic Potion 
    Series Information 
    Año de Edición2004
    Núm. Páginas96
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