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The casebook of carnaki the ghost finder

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    The casebook of carnaki the ghost finder
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    Saw something terrible rising up through the middle of the 'deience'. It rose with a steady movement. I saw it pale and huge through the whirling funnel of cloud - a monstrous pallid snout rising out of that unknowable abyss. It rose higher and higher. Through a thinning of the cloud Isaw one small eye ... a pig's eye with a sort of vile understanding shining at the back of it ... ' 
    Thomas Carnacki is a ghost finder, an Edwardian psychic detective, investigating a wide range of terrifying hauntings presented in the nine stories in this complete collection of his adventures. 

    Encountering such spine-chilling phenomena as The Whistling Room, the life-threatening dangers of the phantom steed in The Horse of the Invisible and the demons from the outside world in The Hog, Carnacki is constantly challenged by spiritual forces beyond our knowledge. To complicate matters, he encounters human skullduggery also. Armed with a camera, his Electric Pentacle and various ancient tomes on magic, Carnacki faces the various dangers his supernatural investigations present with great courage. These exciting and frightening stories have long been out of print. Now readers can thrill to them again in this new Wordsworth series. 

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    TítuloThe casebook of carnaki the ghost finder
    Casa EditorialWordsworth Editions Ltd
    AutorWilliam Hope Hodgson
    CoeditorWordsworth Editions
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    The thing invisible
    The gateway of the monster
    The house among the laurls
    The whistling room
    The searcher of the end house
    The horse of the invisible
    The haunted jarvee
    The find
    The hog
    Año de Edición2006
    Núm. Páginas192
    Peso (Físico)150
    Tamaño (Físico)12.5 x 19.5 cm
    Acabado (Físico)Rústica

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