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The last opportunity

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    The last opportunity
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    THE LAST OPPORTUNITY  If the idea of dissolving your marriage has ever crossed your mind, if you feel that lts just not worth it to keep on struggling for your job or for the persons that have treated you with contempt, stop and give yourself and those who are important to you, THE LAST OPPORTUNITY by reading this book.  You have in your hands a novel that should be read before making the definite decision to dissolve your marriage, renouncing your most valuable dreams, and resigning yourself to live in discouragement.  "THE LAST OPPORTUNITY" is a brilliant work and internationally acclaimed bestseller by Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez, who is also the author of "A DESPERATE CRY" and "YOUTH IN SEXUAL ECSTASY", all of which provide tremendous dosages of energy and solutions to confront your problems. When you finish reading this highly inspirational and enlightening novel, you will feel more productive, happier and, aboye all, emotionally stronger.

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    AutorCarlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez
    CoeditorEdiciones Selecta Diamante
    Año de Edición1998
    Núm. Páginas192
    Peso (Físico)220
    Tamaño (Físico)12.5 x 20 cm
    Acabado (Físico)Tapa Rústica
    TítuloThe last opportunity

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