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The new iconoclasts.From art of a new reality to conceptual art in Colombia, 1961-1975

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    The new iconoclasts.From art of a new reality to conceptual art in Colombia, 1961-1975
    During the 1960s and early 1970s, a handful of young Colombian artists, including Feliza Bursztyn, Beatriz González, Bernardo Salcedo, Álvaro Barrios, and Antonio Caro, boldly transgressed artistic conventions to create art that critics labeled New Realism, Pop, Environments, and Conceptual Art. They achieved success with the crucial support of national and local art institutions. While critics and curators promoted this striking new work as international, it was firmly rooted in national artistic, social, and political reality. The New Iconoclasts: From Art of a New Reality to Conceptual Art in Colombia, 1961-1975 is a nuanced examination of this transgressive art with regard to its relationship with institutional goals and structures. Relying on extensive archival research and interviews with artists, author Gina McDaniel Tarver reveals at the root of contemporary Colombian art an ambivalent, often contradictory, and highly productive relationship between artists and institutions and between local and international aesthetics and social concerns.

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    AutorGina McDaniel Tarver
    Tabla de Contenido

    List Of Figures 



    Intrepid Iconoclasts 

    Coming to Terms with Similarities and Differences

    Ambitious Institutions and Their Strategies for Development

    Tacties from "Underdevelopment" 

    Partieipation as a Sign of the Time

    Shaping a History 

    Chapter. I. Art for a new reality

    Junk Art
    Mina Traba and the Modern Art Museum of Bogotá

    Re-recreating Art

    The Sajan of Young Artists

    Male Junk

    Artistic Suicide 

    A Venerable Institution in Changing limes 

    Competitions and Controversies

    A Failed Monument and a "Violent Declaration"

    Historical Transgressions 
    Chapter 2. The art of expansion

    Creating Hysteria 
    A Biennial for Colombia 
    Space Invaders
    An Art of Environments
    Light. Sound. Movement
    The Basic Elements of Art 
    Art Criticism and Art-pia
    Chapter 3. New iconoclasm and international exhlbitions 

    The Pile that Became a Mountain
    II Coltejer Art Biennial 
    An International Graphic Arts Exhibition 
    Salcedo and the Center of Art and Communication
    The Graphic Arts Biennial

    III Coltejer Art Biennial 

    Systems Art at the Biennial and Beyond

    Other Biennials and Obstacles

    The Limits of Internationalism

    Chapter 4. Text-image works and critical messages

    The Puddle that Became a Flood

    A Punitive Exhibition 

    What the Eye Doesn't See 
    A list of Charges
    Salon Showdown: The National vs. The Independent

    The Art of Critical Recuperation

    Bite of the Paper Tigers

    Where There's Smoke, There's Marlboro
    Dide the Galleries 

    0uIside the Box

    Sweet Nothings 


    A new norm?

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    TítuloThe new iconoclasts.From art of a new reality to conceptual art in Colombia, 1961-1975

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