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Theory on DC electric circuits

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    Theory on DC electric circuits
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    This book is intended as a major support for the OC Electric Circuits course from the Electrical Engineering program and the Automation Engineering program at Universidad de La Salle. Its main contribution is to provide the students with a step-by-step explanation and detailed illustrations about the main concepts and analysis techniques 0f DC electrie circuits and their related measurement systems. 

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    TítuloTheory on DC electric circuits
    AutorAlejandro Sánchez Salcedo
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    1. Electric Risk 

    1.1. Common electric risk factors 

    1.2. Effects of current in human beings 

    1.3. Electric impedance of the human body Exercises 

    2. Significant figures

    2.1. Rules of significant figures 

    2.2. Mathematical operations with significant figures Exercises 

    3. System of Units 

    3.1. International System of Units

     3.2. Base units 

    3.3. Derived units 

    3.4. Multiples and sub-multiples

    3.5. Printing rules 


    4. Scientific Notation 

    4.1. Mathematical operations with scientific notation

    4.2. Scientific notation and significant figures
    4.3. Printing rules

    5. Electrical quantities 

    5.1. Electric charge 

    5.2. Electric current 
    5.3. Voltage 

    5.4. Power 

    5.5. Energy Excercises 

    6. Electric Circuit 

    6.1. Circuit elements

    6.2. Electric circuit 

    6.3. Circuit concepts 

    6.4. Circuit analysis


    7. Ohm's Law 

    7.1. Electric resistance 

    7.2. Rated power Exercises 

    8. Kirchhoff's Laws 

    8.1. Kirchhoff's Current Law (KCL) 

    8.2. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL) 

    8.3. Delta-wye and wye-delta transformations 


    9. Methods of Analysis 

    9.1. Nodal analysis 

    9.2. Mesh analysis Exercises 

    10. Operational Amplifier 

    10.1. Ideal OP AMP 

    10.2. Inverting amplifier 

    10.3. Non-inverting amplifier 

    10.4. Voltage follower 

    10.5. Summing amplifier 

    10.6. Difference amplifier 

    10.7. Cascaded OP AMP circuits 
    10.8. Non-ideal OP AMP Exercises 

    11. Circuit Theorems

    11.1. Linearity theorem 

    11.2. Superposition principie

    11.3. Source transformation

    11.4. Thévenin's theorem 

    11.5. Norton's theorem 

    11.6. Relationship between Thévenin's and Norton's theorems 

    11.7. Maximum power transfer theorem 


    12. Capacitors and Inductors 

    12.1. Capacitor 

    12.2. Inductor 


    13. First-Order Circuits 

    13.1. Solution of first-order differential equation

    13.2. Forcing functions: Singularity functions 

    13.3. First-order circuits 


    14. Second Order Circuits 

    14.1. Solution of second-order differential equation Excercises 

    15. Introduction to Measurement Systems in DC Circuits 

    15.1. Accuracy 

    15.2. Precision 

    15.3. Uncertainty 

    15.4. Error 

    15.5. Specifications of digital measurement instruments 

    15.6. Measurement of DC current 
    15.7. Measurement of OC voltage 

    15.8. Measurement of resistance 

    15.9. Measurement of power 



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