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Value Chain Simulation Manual

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    Value Chain Simulation Manual
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    The Value Simulation is an innovative course where students learn the Concepts of ERP and automated plants, such as research and development, production, procurement, sales and distribution and Quality control role by playing a role game. The course starts with product design, followed by sales and operating planning in order to determine the sales forecast, the production plan and the capacity planning of a CIM plant. Finally, all value chain processes are performed, including product manufacturing in a real or simulated automated facility (i.e Computer integrated Manufacturing-CIM). With this course students are able to simulate the entire value chain processes in a fully automated environment, playing role game that enhances their teamwork abilities and places them in a real work situation.

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    TítuloValue Chain Simulation Manual
    AutorHugo Santiago Aguirre, Carlos Eduardo Fúquene, Gabriel Mauricio Zambrano y Stephen Tracy
    Tabla de ContenidoPreface

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    Chapter I
    The CIM Company- Master and Organizational Data

    Master and Organizational Data
    Exercise 1.1: Checking material Master for Finished Products
    Exercise 1.2. Checking Material Master for Raw Material
    Exercise 1.3. Checking Customer Master Data
    Exercise 1.4. Checking Vendor Master Data
    Exercise 1.5. Reviewing Work Centers for Production

    Chapter 2
    Products design

    Product Life Cycle Management
    Exercise 2.1. Displaying Quality View on the Material Master
    Exercise 2.2. Creating an Inspection Method
    Exercise 2.3. Creating a Sampling Procedure
    Exercise 2.4. Creating an Inspection Characteristic
    Exercise 2.5. Creating an Inspection Plan
    Exercise 2.6. Verifying inspection Characteristics
    Exercise 2.7. Creating Bill of Materials
    Exercise 2.8. Creating Finished Products Routing

    Chapter 3
    Sales and Operations planning

    Sales and Operations planning
    Exercise 3.1. Creating the Product Group
    Exercise 3.2. Creating the Rough –cut Capacity Profile
    Exercise 3.3. Creating a Production Plan Based on Sales Forecast
    Exercise 3.4. Rough-cut Capacity Planning
    Exercise 3.5. Disaggregation and transferring to Demand Management
    Exercise 3.6. Reviewing Demand Management
    Exercise 3.7. Displaying Stock Requirements List

    Chapter 4
    Production and Material Planning

    Production and Material Planning
    Exercise 4.1. Calculating the Master Production Schedule
    Exercise 4.2. Evaluating the Planning Result
    Exercise 4.3. Displaying Stock Requirements Planning
    Exercise 4.4. Running the Material Requirements Planning
    Exercise 4.5. Evaluating the MRP
    Exercise 4.6. Displaying stock Requirements List

    Chapter 5

    Exercise 5.1. Creating Material Info Record
    Exercise 5.2. Converting a Planned order into a Purchase Requisition
    Exercise 5.3. Converting an open `Purchase Requisition to a Purchase Order
    Exercise 5.4. Receiving the Raw Material In the Warehouse
    Exercise 5.5. Invoicing Verification
    Exercise 5.6. Paying the Vendor
    Exercise 5.7. Reviewing Accounts Payable Status and  Bank Account Balance

    Chapter 6
    Integrating mySAP ERP with CIM Systems

    MySAP ERP and LabCIM integration
    Exercise 6.1. LabCIM Configutration
    Exercise 6.2. Setting Up LabCIM
    Exercise 6.3. Converting a Planed Order into a Production Order for LabCIM
    Exercise 6.4. Scheduling the Production Order
    Exercise 6.5. Sending a Production Order to LabCIM
    Exercise 6.6. Confirming the Production Order Executive
    MySAP ERP and CIM integration
    Exercise 6.7. Configuring file Sharing Integration
    Exercise 6.8. CIM Configuration
    Exercise 6.9. Checking Historical Databases

    Chapter 7
    Manufacturing Execution at CIM Systems

    Exercise 7.1. Converting a Planned Order into a Production Order
    Exercise 7.2. Detail Capacity Planning
    Exercise 7.3. Sending the Production Order to the CIM
    Exercise 7.4. Controlling the Shop Floor Operations at the CIM
    Exercise 7.5. Completion Confirmation from CIM
    Exercise 7.6. Good Issue to the Production Order
    Exercise 7.7. Goods Receipt
    Exercise 7.8. Settling Costs of Production Order

    Chapter 8
    Quality Management

    Quality Inspection
    Exercise 8.1. Checking stock to inspect
    Exercise 8.2. Displaying Inspection Lot Quantity and Sample Size
    Exercise 8.3. Recording Results
    Exercise 8.4. Usage Decision
    Exercise 8.5. Inspection Report

    Chapter 9
    Sales and Distribution

    Exercise 9.1. Establishing Product Prices
    Exercise 9.2. Creating sales Order
    Exercise 9.3. Creating Delivery Note For Sales Order
    Exercise 9.4. Picking Materials
    Exercise 9.5. Post Goods Issue
    Exercise 9.6. Billing the Customer
    Exercise 9.7. Post Receipt of Customer Payment
    Exercise 9.8. Reviewing Document Flow

    Chapter 10
    Value chain Simulation and Information Analysis

    Value chain Simulation
    Exercise 10.1. Creating a Sales Quotation
    Exercise 10.2. Value Chain simulation
    Final exercise: Presentation of Result /Information Analysis

    Año de Edición2009
    Núm. Páginas230
    Peso (Físico)360
    Tamaño (Físico)17 x 24 cm

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